Trash Removal

Valley Garbage Solution works both with residents and commercial clients. We offer private and one-time recycling and trash removal with appropriate scheduling. Our clients are spread throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, New Castle, and No Name. Because we want our customers to have the best possible experience with our services we offer low-cost recycling to new and current clients.




We offer several different container sizes for different services: (add photos of containers next to their description – also add dimensions)

  • 18 gallon bin for recycle
  • 96 gallon toter for trash
  • 2 yard dumpster for trash
  • 3 yard dumpster for trash
  • 4 yard dumpster for trash


We offer special management services for one-time customers and current customers:

  • one-time pick up
  • private pick up for large trash amounts
  • on-call pick up
  • curbside pick up
  • walk-in pick up (grab bins from garage, etc.)

Please call to make special arrangements.